November 2020
Three generations of family added for Peter Darien Trask and Edith Joyce Lawson.

October 2020
It is very sad to announce the passing of Joanna Margaret Keeling (nee Day) at Bristol Royal Infirmary on 21 October 2020. As you can see in the next item below, Joanna lost her husband in June.

June 2020
It is with great sadness to announce the death of Michael David Keeling.  Michael, a retired veterinary surgeon was living in Western Cape, South Africa.

May 2020
Two more descendants (Una Yolande Erskine Cook and John E Cook) and their families added for Ralph and Mary Cook.  Information came from contact of a family member, thanks Sylvia.  Also a sister of Silvya's that I didn't know about due to her mother's maiden name being spelt wrong on the ancestry sites.

I found Nancy Jessie Brice's married name from her fathers' probate record.  Nancy's family now added.

Thomas Osborne Day and Matilda changed the family name from Day to D'Aye when they moved to Oxfordshire between 1901 and 1907.  Knowing the new name, I have manged to extend the family:

Due to a transcription error by Family Search, I had the wrong husband for Mabel Maude Revis.  I have found her correct husband and have been able to progress with her family.  After having 4 children in the UK, they emigrated to British Columbia, Canada:

Ellen Louisa Revis found on the 1911 Census. Three generations of her family added to the tree:

Two wives found for Graham D Kennedy:

Wife and two children found for Ian H Kennedy:

Wife, two daughters and two granddaughters found for David Brook Dennison:

Two wives and family found for James Benjamin Dawkes:

April 2020
Thomas Henry Brown married into the family by marrying Sarah Howe, they had two daughters.  After the death of Sarah, Thomas married Sarah's cousin Elizabeth Dawkes and had two more daughters.  This makes the daughters half sisters and second cousins.

Wife and two daughters found for John B Duncombe.

Wife and two daughters found for Richard E Duncombe.

Daughter found for Jeremy Pope also the sudden death of his wife Jemima at 42 years old.

Two wives and a child found for David Hallowell:

Wife and children found for Alan Robert Flight.

July 2019
Partner of Shannon Mae Tite and baby daughter added to the family tree.

May 2019
Children and Grandchildren found for John M Tite and Elaine M Oliver:

Thanks to an Australian family tree on WikiTree, I have found a lot more information on the Spencer & Dawkes family, adding a further 94 people to this tree:

April 2019
Mason Joseph J Ward, his wife and twin daughters added to the Russell & Tite family:

Wife and DOB found for Jeremy Peter Pope:

March 2019
Another OBE
Husband and family found for Edith Constance Round.  Her son Edwin was awarded the OBE in 1959.

Probate found for Sara Ethel Bach giving me her date of death and another son (Arthur Ralph Benjamin Round) that I didn't know about before.  Arthur and his wife added to the tree:

Probate found for John George Foulsham giving me his date of death and a son (Frank Foulsham) that I didn't know about before.  Frank's family now added to the tree:

Obituary found for Robert Brice Meirion-Williams who died earlier this year.  This led me to some more family members:

February 2019
Due to a transcription error by Family Search, I had a dead stem on the family tree.  After discovering his name was Revis and not Bevis, I have found a whole new family of 89 people, including another MBE, awarded in 1944 to Captain Kenneth Claude Revis for his bravery in bomb disposal.  He was badly injured and lost his sight when 18 mines exploded around Brighton Pier that he was decommissioning.  He went on to acheive; qualifying as a solicitor, driving a car at 100mph and flying a glider......whilst blind.

Son and wife found for George John Knight and Alice Elizabeth Brice:

22 November 2018
More information and some extra family members added to Michael Osborne Day and Mary Scanlon's family:

26 September 2018
Wife of Alfred George Orchard found on the 1939 war register.
More information and wife found for Thomas Charles Orchard.

22 September 2018
Husband and children found for Margery Isabel Ware:

20 September 2018
Dates of birth and location in 1939 found for:
Nora Martindale
Phyllis Mary Roper
Kathleen Young
Eileen J Hawkins

19 September 2018
Correct name and birth details found for Joyce Higgins, wife of Benjamin Russell:

04 September 2018
Children added for Osborn Howard Tite and Olive J Tite and her family added:

21 June 2018
The family of William Osborn added:

17 June 2018
The family of Jane Dawkes added.

12 June 2018
The family of Robert Spencer and Anne Dawkes added.

31 May 2018
More family member added to the family of Robert Brice (1806) including the identity of his second wife.

17 May 2018
There are more people and lots more information added to the Day & Saunders family after meeting the grandson of James Osborne Day, Tom Batty.  Thanks Tom.

13 May 2018
It is very sad to announce the death of Beatrice Muriel Brice from Ontario, Canada on Thursday 10 May 2018.  Known to her friends and family as Muriel, she was possibly the oldest living person on the Brice Family Tree at 95 years old.
Muriel married Ronald Jack Hall in 1946 and is the mother of my friend David Robert Hall who is a fellow genealogist who has been working with me on the Brice Family Tree for the last year, with great results.

12 May 2018
Wife and 2 children added to Benjamin Hugh Armstrong Russell.

Wife and 3 children added to Vincent Armstrong.

06 May 2018
I found the death of Francis Thomas Pressland Day who was an army Captain and died in WW1 in 1918.  Whilst researching Francis, I found a mention of him from his great nephew Richard Michael Keeling.  His family is now on the tree:

04 May 2018
I found John Brice Belgrove in South Africa, here is his family:

03 May 2018
More descendants added to the Cobb and Featherstone family.

24 April 2018
The family of Sarah Frances Day added.

13 April 2018
More people added to the Mulqueen family.

07 April 2018
The family of Walter Cobb and Mary Dawkes added including Reginald Kirshaw (Rex) Pierson CBE who designed the Vickers Vimy that Alcock and Brown flew non-stop over the Atlantic. He went on to design the Vickers Wellington bomber that was extensively used during World War 2.

26 March 2018
The family of Steven Eugene Saul added.

24 March 2018
The family of Peter K Saul added.

21 March 2018
The family of Catherine Marie Saul added.

17 February 2018
Congratulations to Lizzy Yarnold MBE (a family member on this tree) for winning her second Olympic gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Korean.  Her first gold was in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

15 February 2018
115 people added to the Saul family.  This is a big family and when they have a family reunion, they meet at a holiday camp.  The 2017 reunion hosted 94 Sauls.

12 January 2018
The Saul family that emigrated to the USA added to the tree.

12 December 2017
More family members have been added to the Dawkes & Brice family.

25 November 2017
More family members have been added to the Brice & Armstrong family.

10 November 2017
More family members have been added to the Brice & Chibnall family.

November 2017
More family members have been added to the Kennedy & Belgrove family.

More family members have been added to the Brice & Dines family.

October 2017
We have an MBE in the family.

The family page Yarnold & Brice is now complete.  This includes Lizzy Yarnold who won a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  She was awarded an MBE in the 2014 birthday honours list.
I would like to thank David Hall from Canada for all his help on this stem of the family tree.

The family page Brice & Simpson is now complete.  This includes Jason Giles Brice a Consultant Neurosurgeon from Southampton Hospital.

The family page Bennett & Brice from Canada is now complete.

I was contacted by David Hall (Grandson of John Norman Brice) from Canada.  David has also spent the last 10 years working on the family tree.  We both now have full access to each others tree.  He has lots of information that I am missing and I have lots of information that he is missing, so we are both going to benefit tremendously.  I have two noted people on my tree that David didn't know about and he has two noted people that I didn't know about, a gold medal winner at the Winter Olympics and a brain surgeon.  More details to follow when I complete their family pages.
I have completed Davids family page and it can be seen at:

Thanks for someone contacting me, I have found out that John Norman Brice emigrated to Canada in 1909.  I have added his immigration details and his marriage.  I hope to add more family members soon.

August 2017
New family of 3 generations added to the Tite family.

Lots of full death dates and occupations have been added from the Probate and Wills records.

May 2017

Two new families added that were found on the 1911 Census:
Cundill & Hallowell


Mylchreest & Hallowell

May 2017
This new look web site goes live.